Monday, January 15, 2018


What's the worst in me ?
To istiqamah doing everything I want to do.
Even continuing my last post. Ha.ha.

But seems like my mood is not there for study my last paper, think I shall give it a try.

So, we come back with second part of my fyp story.
When I come to think about this story, it felt like quite embarrassing to myself to tell everyone who are reading this. I told about what I faced and feeling like ala-ala I'm the only one who been through this. But, there is someone worst. Always be someone worst. So, I dont think that I should thinking of myself as unfortunate because diamond comes from charcoal after been through so much pressure (Quote from Aimi Nabila Whatsapp Story *wink*)

So I decided to reinitiated my intention for this post.

Ok done !

Going through all the writing seriously only Allah knows the feeling.
And those who had felt it too. ( You guys are strong !)

Getting to know that you have a lot to discuss and a lot to think and a lot to understand really can just drag you down before even started. 
And that malas thing too.

But what makes you keep continue writing ?

Yeah. The grade of that fyp course definitely !
But the major part is your willingness.

And what makes you keep going to finish it ?
Your belief toward yourself.

During those writings, I kept telling myself positive words again and again.

'You can do it ! Just a little bit more. Hang on there.'

'Be patience. There's no more sleepless night after this. CGPA is forever blah blah blahh'

And finally, yeah I'm done.
Done with everything. Alhamdulillahhhh finally !

So, what you need to do ?
Belief in yourself to what you want to , what you have to do and what you must do.
Because at the end, you absolutely can reach it ! 

p/s: May this words function to me once I get thesis correction from my supervisor. Fuhhhh~...

And a little bit speech for my colleagues.
You had done great foodies ! 
You had stepped too far from your initial goals.You had been better !
You should proud of yourself because this thing, once you were doubted with, are finally been through by you.
Keep on being strong ! 

Have fun with your internship !

And, thanks for all the memories, through thick and thin.


Wednesday, January 10, 2018


What a remarkable day is today !
Done sending my final year project thesis for my degree life.
Shutting down my life with all those researches regarding pectin.
However, despite all those hardships (it's seriously so hard!) , 
I am falling in love with these pectins bebehhh.

Well, my fyp story is not kinda the highlight of this post, my unbelieving belief of myself is.
There are no doubt once facing difficulties in everything they done, so do me.
Fyp's life started all good and smooth along the first and second steps.
But, until my last for the second steps, the hardships began to keep on coming over me.
Over and over again.

My labwork for 3 weeks during semester break were just called off due some technical faults during choosing of my raw mat (raw material  it is, well we just call raw mat to simplify).

Can you seriously imagine that ?


Haha. Believe me it is everyone habits to wake up late during semester break right ?
Even we did that on every weekend. Haha.

Well that's my first challenge!
Wake up early, reach the lab 15 minutes before 8am to grab all those beakers and stuffs before anybody else! haha

To face the called off result is not quite hard for me.
I tries to cry but unfortunately I could't. (But, I did a little in front my supervisor)
The natural positive vibes from deep within my self continuing talk to me and said like,

"It's okay. You can do this. Something better will come for you. There must be something good reason behind this."

And yeah, the tears still didn't happen. It was then only me driving my car to some local dessert cafe and enjoying meals after that. With another my two friends.

BUT, the repetition of my labwork however turned easy and smooth ( Please do not expect any disaster to happen again. haha). But again, seriously and honestly it turned really well. 
It became like more systematic and reorganized lah I can say.
Like I don't have to fill each 15mL centrifudge tube for 1.5L of my sample solution but 50mL.

Dealing with centrifudge, the process seriously quite hard.
It can take an hour just to ensure the same weight of all those tubes. HA HA HA

Okay. that's the end of my first part. 
Hoping ya to wait for the second one ! 
( I wish somebody just read this post so I'm not just talking to myself)

p/s: Don't give up bebeh !

Sunday, December 24, 2017



Call ? 

Friday, October 27, 2017


I have so many things I wanna do.
I am wishing the best for my life.

My study life
My hobbies life
My marriage life.

May the best comes.
For you and for me.

And may we always spread the kindness :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kuat ke ?

Bila kita rasa kita kuat, 
kita dah mampu kata tidak
Kita dah mampu berborak dengan yakin 
Akhirnya Allah bagi kita ujian.

Ujian yang kita sangka kita boleh hadapi
Yang takkan buat kita sedih lagi
Yang dulunya kita pikir, "Wah, ringan je ujian ni!"

Direct Allah bagi.
Straight to the point.

So, macam mana kita hadapi ?


Macam mana ?

Minta kekuatan pada Dia
Pegang dalam hati segala sangka baik kita terhadap Allah
Allah tau apa yang terbaik

Cari orang yang mampu naikkan semangat kita balik
Yang macam bila tengok dia je dah mampu buat kita tersenyum
Macam dapat inspirasi

Overthink lagi ?
Jangan pikir.
Tidur. Take a nap.
Paling penting, solat. 

p/s: Milik kita takkan sampai dekat orang lain. 
Tapi, mungkin aku akan membujang buat masa yang lama ? Haha. 

Friday, October 6, 2017


Apapun yang jadi, kita kena yakin.
Sebab future tu belongs to Allah.

Tapi, aku takut.
Aku takut aku tak kuat untuk hadapinya.
Aku takut aku tak mampu nak refresh balik.


Future, Allah holds that. 
He give you the best. Will.

p/s: Please give mu husband like Will Traynor please (On the good side)

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jules Ostin

So... Hi !
Currently are 3.20 in the morning and I do not have my sleep yet.
Am currently feeling motivated from The Intern movie.

Anne Hathaway and the Ben Whittaker (character's name) really a good pair !
Not for love-type kind of pair but as main characters of the movie.

Ben Whittaker really do like taught me few things.
The most highlighted one is think before you talk.
Whatever action that you may take, words you may say

Please clearly let the mind work out that first !
Since sometimes you just need for them to think it instead of telling them what they need to do.

Striving to achieve what you want while not sacrificing anything you have can sometimes possible.
Try to think harder, smarter as you can grab everything.


And.. Good and healthy relationship comes from the tolerance from both sides.
Believing each other.
And of course, loving. :)