Thursday, July 12, 2012



For this night.. I wanna share my new experience in having an interview .

*it's just a mock lah .. hehe~...

We went there last Wednesday which is 11st of July .
This is a Prose Temuduga untuk memohon for the scholarship .
Sebenarnya , saya tak terpilih pun sebab saya just student yang `biase-biase' je ..
Tapi,Alhamdulilah ... Dah menjadi rezeki yang ditulis oleh ALLAH SWT ..
saya dapat pergi sana .
*thanks to my friend too,Auni sebab convinced me untuk pergi for this programme .
She really knows that I'm gonna need this . So, she wants me to have it .
*I tot . :)

So, from my school ..
It will be 12 students who were participating this programme ( including me ! )

So, we went to MRSM Kuala Terengganu , the venue at 8.10 in the morning ..
We spent our whole day there .
From the 8.10 morning to 5.10 evening .

For the first slot ..
Kitorang semua with the other schools diperkenalkan with the MMU .
Then , we had a slot with Tuan Haji Zamzuri for the tips to attend a temuduga .
Next, with Miss Ayesha Melati for writing the resume .
After writing the resume ..
We had a break to solat and LUNCH !

After the solat, we had to prepare ourselves for the interview ..
It's really getting me into the nervous situation !

We had given some other time for completing our resume .

About 2.30 or maybe late than this .
The panels separated us into groups yang mana terdiri daripada sekolah
yang berlainan .
Each group is 5 orang ..

Nak tunggu untuk nama saya dipanggil tuh agak lama lah .
Saya dah masuk Group 5 for Bilik 3 .
Kitorang ada 4 bilik .
Then , setiap bilik tuh ..
Ade group dia pulak ..

Sementara menunggu nama saya dipanggil tuh ..
It's just one thing I did . RELAXING MY MIND AND MY HEART .
For not being nervous !

Selepas nama saya dipanggil ..
I just need to queue up with my other members of the Group 5 Bilik 3 punya group .
My gengs for the interview is Faizuddin , Syahada, Ain , another girls from MRSM KT and 
ME !

For your information , saya seorang saja budak yang dari sekolah lain ..
I mean , Faizuddin and Ain from the BRAINS and Syahada and the another girl is from MRSM KT .
And , the one that was from the SMK(A) TOK JIRING , just ME !

Firstly , memang ah takut ..
Saya rasa macam saya je yang bad sekali sebab yang others semua dari sekolah yang top-top .
Including my school ..
Tapi , don't know lah , merendah diri pulak ..

But seriusly ,time nak interview tuh ..
Saya tak kisah pun dari mana diorang semua ...
I just need to relax myself .
So,sementara tunggu dekat depan Bilik 3 .
Saya lebih banyak berdiam and not talked to anyone .
I need to relax myself and my mind .
Because for me , on that time , talking was making me more nervous .
So, I just relax and leave it to ALLAH SWT .

And, even sempat bermonolog lagi seorang diri .
Saya cakap yang I just need to relax *for several times* , this is just a mock interview .
Just do my best and the vital one is ALLAH SWT WILL HELP ME .
Saya sangat yakin bahawa ALLAH SWT akan menolong saya .

So,when we were calling to enter the Bilik 3 for the interview ..
Saya sangat tak sangka that our panel is Miss Ayesha melati and Miss Karen
*I hope the spelling is correct!* I REALLY LOVE THEM !

Firstly , we needed to hand up our resume and had a seat when we asked to .
Then , our panel asked us who wanted to describe ourself first.
No one picked up a hand .
Lastly , bila saya nak angkat tangan ..
The two on my right also picked their hands up !
Lastly , ikut turn ...

*I'm sitting in the middle of the 5 ..hehe~...
Bila sampai turn saya ..I just say that ...

`My name is Nur Afiqah bt Rahim Anuar . I'm a student of SMK (A) Tok Jiring .
I'm from Kuala Terengganu and my ambition is I want to be a chemist' .

Time saya cakap yang saya nak jadi chemist tuh ..
Miss Ayesha looked me with an impressed face .

*tak lah macam nih .. 

Nak dikatakan yang sememangnya yang telah ditetapkan ALLAH SWT ,
Semua gengs groups saya tuh their ambitions had a relation with Chemistry .
BUT ! We got a Programmer !
Yang saya ingat , Ain nak jadi pharmacist . Syahada nak jadi pharmacist jugak . Faizuddin nak join
chemical engineering . And me ? A CHEMIST !

Time Ain cakap tuh .. Saya thought just like this ..
`Ohh , nak jadi pharmacist , same like me dulu-dulu'
Then , my turn to talk .
Then , Syahada pulak cakap yang dia nak jadi pharmacist jugak .
`Another pharmacist we got here !'
And ,lastly bila Faizuddin cakap yang dia nak jadi Chemical Engineering .
I thought , `Waaahhh ! Semua berkaitan with Chemistry . Terharu aku ! '

Then , the second question was asking by Miss Karen .
She asked , for our opinion .
Which university is better ? Either local or overseas ?

Then , saya just said it on my mouth without picked up my hand ,
Ain pun jawab macam tuh .
Then , Miss Ayesha asked Ain to talk first .
*we need to give our reasons !

Then , sampai turn saya ..
Saya pun cakap lah ..
` For me , overseas is better . '
( saya tak ingat reasons apa yang saya bagi ! sorry ~ )

Then , soalan yang third ..
Tak ingat soalan yang general or not ..
They asked us which universities we want to further our studies .
As usual , the another girl talked first then Ain and the next is ME !

Saya pun cakap lah ..
` For your information , firstly I chose University of Aberdeen. But , the Chemistry courses
was not being promoted there . So, I changed to University of Birmingham because it is one of the top universities and the scenery is kind of ok .'
( time saya nak cakap yang being promoted tuh , I lost my word. Tak ingat perkataan dalam English
yang membawa makna dianjurkan or maybe sewaktu dengannya . So, saya pun baham jelah promoted .
HAHA !! )

And the climax is when Miss Ayesha asked me about the contribute that I could give to Malaysia as a chemist . Time tuh .. saya tak ingat makna contribute tuh apa ..
Then , saya just giving an excuse . then , she repeated it in a simple words . 

Siyesly , time tuh memang I lost of my words once again .
Memang soalan tuh , saya tak teragak-agak pun akan ditanya.
Disebakan gara-gara tak teragak ..

Saya just tibai je jawapan die . *But , this is my hope too
I said ..
` Chemist *or chemistry is important in our life . We had a lot of parts in Chemistry actually . So, for your information, The part that I want to join is Chemistry with Analytical Sciences which is like the CSI .
I want to be the FIRST MUSLIM'S CHEMIST . (*I said it ! ) I hope that I can gain the technology in CSI just like the Miami , New York and Las Vegas . Just like the CSI series .'

Memang seriously , ayat yang spontan !
The idea memang just came through my mind and I said it .
*tapi , memang saya punya harapan pun ...

Lastly , Miss Ayesha pun cakap yang did we had anything more to say to convince them to
give their scholarships to us ..


No one gave a talk . And the interview was end .

After that ,Miss Ayesha and Miss Karen pun gave us some comments .

After that , kitorang semua kena pergi library sebab still ada activities .
Time pergi library tuh . Saya just jalan sorang je , firstly .
Then tanya Syahada yang library tuh shoes on ke ?
Dia pun angguk and said `Yer . '

Then , I just go there myself sebab Faizuddin dengan Ain lalu ikut jalan lain .
And , I just went down from the nearest strairs .
With Syahada and the other girl whish was the same group with me time interview tadi .
Time sampai dekat library , kebetulan Abang Vincent (*hope the spelling is true, onece again )
baru je nak keluar dari library and asked me about the group's number .
Disebabkan perasaan yang sangat excited sebab baru habis interview ..
Number group dah terlupa !

Then , saya pun tanya Syahada and she asked her friends and told Abang Vincent yang
kitorang Group 3 ( Bilik 3 actually ) .

We got into the library and went for our Bilik 3 punya group lain .

Time Abang Vincent tunjukkan which group is our group .
Saya nampak Auni and we were in the same group .
Tak sangka lah plak .
Sebenarnya , kitorang kena present .
Tapi , disebabkan saya , Syahada and her friends datang lewat .
So, we just followed the instructions .
Sementara group lain and even kitorang punya group sendiri tengah present ..
I just talked with Ain and Syahada ! HAHA !

We just need to say 3 , Number 3 and Group 3 .

Then , kena present untuk tajuk berkaitan dengan pendidikan lah .
Tak ingat tajuk apa .
Masalahnya .. orang untuk bentangkan tuh tak cukup ..
Then , Ammar dengan suka hatinya suruh saya pergi ...

Lastly , saya tak pergi pun ..
Haha !! *sorry,Ammar !
Sebab , saya tak tahu anything !

Then , our group's presentation just end like that ...
*Budak MRSM tolong amik isi yang last tuh . hehe~ ...

Tapi, group yang paling best is Group 4 lah .
Memang saya akan ingat lah dia punya presentation tuh ..
Yang paling tak dapat dilupakan bila dia cakap ..
`Bila masa tengah hari , kita panas . Kipas dalam kelas tak berfungsi .
So, macam mana kita nak fokus dalam kelas ?! '

Time tuh , sudahlah dia cakap tu dalam keadaan cepat sebab cikgu dia dah panggil untuk balik .
*He's from MRSM Kuala Berang .
Memang kelakar ah !
Saya dengan Auni memang gelak ah !
Tersyasyul panggil kitorang anak-anak lah .
Yang sepatutnya , kawan-kawan ..

*His name is Imran .
( ingat sebab nama dia pernah disebut time slot dengan Tuan Haji Zamzuri )

Ya ALLAH , thanks for this experience !
Semoga Engkau dapat memberikan aku perluang yang sebenarnya dalam menghadapi
temuduga scholarship nanti .
Aminn ..

p/s : TAKUT is just an illusion .
       It was created by yourself .So, don't feel afraid to have a thing which is so important !
       Because you can do it calmly and make it AMAZING !
       I tried it when I'm having the mock interview .
       And , it;s just SANGAT BERKESAN ! 
      :)PEACE .

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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Got to talk with my sis last night ..
I'm just really touched with the conversation ...

This is what had been said by my sis ...

`Nyoh , nyoh belajor ah molek-molek ... Gi ah belajor
overseas . Kekgi , boleh ak gi kat nu tek . Ak kumpul pitih biar kekgi boleh gi kat mu .'

Time tuh ..
I'm just really touched !
Ya Allah ...
Thanks for giving me the most wonderful sis !

Kak , insya-Allah ...
Insya-Allah , ak akan study overseas..
I'll try my best ...
Mu akan dapat gi sane one day nanti ..
Time ak konvo neh ...
Insya-Allah ..
Doakan aku ...


Salam ~..

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Sunday, July 1, 2012



Insya-Allah ...

Ya Allah , aku mohon kekuatan daripada-Mu untuk mengharungi segala
ujian yang bakal mendatangiku nanti ..
Amin ...