Friday, November 1, 2013

Final result ???

Got my final exam result today !
Huhu~.. Well, it's just nice as how it been nice.

4flat ??
Hoho.. Sungguh teramat jauhlah sekali..
But, I do feel relieve.
I had done all I can, and now this result shows me how my determination is..

Based on the results, it still not really determine.
But, at least. I had done my best.
Let's not hoping for the good grades. But the how quality of knowledge can lead us to a better person.
Have a good grades didn't show the quality of knowledge.
But, the quality it is.

So, for those that maybe their result is not quite good.
All of your disappointment, stress. Just leave it behind and strive for a new thing.
But, make sure that you learn from it ( me too. Well, my results is not 4flat rite ? )

Like what had been said by Mr.Kang :
'Sometimes the one that who late in winning has more experience.'
I know maybe the changes i make to his quote make it looks like a bit weird and whatever it is.
As long as the mesej sampai. Hmm~..

So, Let's survive for a better result for the next sem !

*Aimi Nabila Afandi. Jom ! There's still hope dear. The road does not reach it's end yet.
Saranghae hubban jamman abadan abada.