Thursday, June 30, 2016

This person

But, the future of a person lays on he/she own decision.
Come from deep thinking.
And lots of reasons.
So, what gives us a 'kelayakan' to say either it is a right or wrong decision ?
(Obviously, this is not for the wrong or bad or dilarang agama part and semestinyalah kalau dia dah hancurkan diri sendiri kita kena take action. And this is nothing to do with that part of category)

When does it say taking a career other than doctors and engineers are wrong ?
When does it say studying near from your hometown is wrong and outside of your hometown is right?
Every person must be have it's own personal reason.
Which you do not need to be questioned. 
Only support.

I am taking as this person made a mistake by asking me that question.
But still, I can't manage it. This really hurt me,deeply.
Because I have my own reason.
Which you don't know.

I am sorry because I'm not being as any student of yours which are really genius and am pursuing studies in every part of the world.
I wish the best for them as they are also my friends.
But, just step out from my life if that is what you think about me.
Because I really have my own specific reason for staying here.


Beginning is not the end.

Seriously I can't tell why Allah had arranged me to meet my primary school friends so frequently this year. With different person each.
Haha.. Too many times compare to other previous years.

And this meetings keep on teach me that beginning is not the end.

All of these my friends, might not be the best student in school before, but now, each of them succeeds in every career they have.
One is now a chef at a hotel. Already owns a house. At 21!
(Yeah, seriously. I'm just too proud of him)

Another one is having practical at another hotel for a chef's position.
And another is on semester break, currently a student of UNIMAP.

The world is wide my dear people.
So wide till you can;t predict what happen to others.
So do the sustenance (rizq or rezeki).
How bad you are in the beginning, will never decide bad for your ending.

Every living has the chance.
So do you.

Since, you are still alive.

photo credited to: Auni Afifah Ismail

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just Feeling

Feeling to write

Everyone is a living star.
Obviously, we are alive, right ?
Still, I mean.
I suppose there's no dead people are reading my blog.

The blog has been in a quite serious mood with all those own-puisi-yang-bajet-best recently.
Kind of missing the old posts.
With the excitement, happy mood.
Well, life is not an easy journey I guess.

Yeah, you're right. 

Oh My Rabb, seriously I'm so tired with all the assignments, tests and ME.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hari Jadi

Serius tipu kalau cakap tak ingat birthday sendiri
Tipu kalau tak berangan tetiba ada orang buat surprise.
Haha.. Shame on me.

Tapi, tahun ni tak berapa nak terasa sangat birthday nya tu.
Mungkin sebab baru habis paper hari ni (20 Jun).

And serius, aku bukan tergolong dalam kalangan mereka yang rajin.
Serius malas tahap yang amat.

Tahap malas dia tu kadang tu sampai lupa apa function aku hidup
Hingga membiarkan sahaja masa berlalu
Meninggalkan aku
Dengan perbuatan yang tak menentu

Dengan umur yang 'baru',
Mungkin memerlukan pandangan yang mengikut waktu
Mengikut umur yang semakin bergerak
Dari detik ke detik selalu berganjak

Wahai diri,
Moga kau kuat,
Melayar hidup yang bergelojak
Dengan ujian yang penat,
Takpe, kau ada yang Maha Kuat.

Selamat Hari Jadi Wahai Diri

p/s: For all those wishes, thank you so much. You all make me smile sorang-sorang tengah malam even tadi habis paper pun takde smile cenggitu. @>

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Life get no end.
It's never the end till it's really the end.


Unless, you are going to exam in 1 minute and you haven't prepared.
That is TOTALLY the end.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hati Kena Batu

Hard ?

But, one thing I know.
I am not alone.
For Allah, always be there.
And, never give up.
For Allah, there always possibilities.

Till then, I am progressing.