Monday, December 12, 2016

Madinah dan Maulud

The day I walked around Masjid Nabawi and had been closest to Prophet Muhammad (as Ustazah said that one specified spot), I will surely never forget the feeling.

Also the part where I felt it was getting darker around me when this ceiling were going to close. And yeah, this picture was snapped!

The peace in the crowds.
The kindness you receive from others.

( Pernah jadi tukang kasi air zam-zam dekat jemaah Masjid sebab duduk sebelah tong air zam-zam, and I never regret I did that. And that 'syukran' smile from one Mak Cik.)

Salam Maulidur Rasul.

If I am being asked, which year I want to treasure it all once again?

I'll say, 2016.

Great memories.
Great experiences.
Great time with
Great people

Thanks for being really nice to me 2016.

p/s: Thanks to you (Yes you yang perasan you !) because of your post about Madinah make me miss there and finally writing up for this entry ( I just copied it from my Facebook. huhuuu)

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