Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jules Ostin

So... Hi !
Currently are 3.20 in the morning and I do not have my sleep yet.
Am currently feeling motivated from The Intern movie.

Anne Hathaway and the Ben Whittaker (character's name) really a good pair !
Not for love-type kind of pair but as main characters of the movie.

Ben Whittaker really do like taught me few things.
The most highlighted one is think before you talk.
Whatever action that you may take, words you may say

Please clearly let the mind work out that first !
Since sometimes you just need for them to think it instead of telling them what they need to do.

Striving to achieve what you want while not sacrificing anything you have can sometimes possible.
Try to think harder, smarter as you can grab everything.


And.. Good and healthy relationship comes from the tolerance from both sides.
Believing each other.
And of course, loving. :) 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


There are just times
When you need to be alone
Alone by yourself

To think
To feel
To analyse 
Just everything

I am getting addicted 
With that loneliness
I found calm
I found peace

But, what if this loneliness keeps me away from people around me?

But again, I don't think I am that lonely. Haha

p/s: I might be not received wishes from many people, but I got from my loved ones. For those who giving me wishes, you know that you are my loved ones even before you do. No words can describe the feeling. And this feeling keep me away from this kind of feeling lonely. Even there are saying that having no boyfriend make a lonely life. 

Hell, NOOOOOOOO ! haha

Enjoy ~